What To Wear When You Go Shopping

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Dress For Shopping Success - Here are few tips and tricks that can help make your next shopping trip more successful.

  • Wear clothes that are easy to take on and off.
  • Avoid shirts with a lot of buttons. This will save you time and frustration. Your shirts should have a loose neckline. This will keep your hair from getting messy and keep your makeup from getting on your collar.
  • If you plan a big shopping day, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Flats that are easy to slip on and off are a good choice.
  • If you are planning on dress shopping, you might want to bring your favorite black heels.
  • Wear a cross body purse to keep your hands free.
  • Don't wear jewelry. It can get snagged on clothing when you try on clothes. If you do need a few accessories, try stud earrings and a scarf.
  • Wear makeup. You will get more respect from the sales people, and you will have a better idea how the outfit will look on you.
  • Bring a hair brush or wear a hat. After you try on a bunch of clothes, your hair always gets messy. Be prepared.
What To Wear When You Go Shopping

Here are three outfits that are great to go shopping in...

  • A long loose shirt and leggings.
  • A white or cream top, your favorite pair of jeans, some black flats, and a cute dark jacket.
  • A thin dress or light tank and leggings to make it easy to quickly try on clothes over your outfit. This can be helpful if you don't want to try on clothes in the dressing room.

BONUS: Don't have time to change into your shopping outfit?
Grab your Emergency Fashion Kit! This will give you a few essential items to try on with almost anything. (Take a picture of your kit with your cell phone before your shopping trip so that you can proof you didn't steal anything you brought with you.)

Emergency Fashion Kit

 Emergency Fashion Kit by janet-defield featuring a button down shirt

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