Rescue, Elevate & Upgrade Your Outfit!

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Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Rescue a simple outfit that is already in your closet by elevating and upgrading it! Here's how...

Elevate Your Outfit

1. Start with a simple outfit:

  • A neutral shirt and
  • A pair of black pants

TIP: Your shirt and pants need to fit correctly. A good fitting outfit can make even a low-priced items look polished and spendy.

2. Elevate it with accessories - You can pick either trendy or spendy accessories to add instant polish to your simple outfit.

  • Trendy: add new few cute inexpensive accessories that fit the season
  • Spendy: add few of your best accessories. 

Elevate your outfit!

Upgrade Your Outfit

1. Start with your favorite  summer dress
2. Upgrade it with the right accessories

  • Add a nice cardigan and some ballet flats. Cute but not likely to turn heads
  • Add a beautiful blazer, a statement purse and some killer heels. Mission accomplished!
Upgrade your outfit!

TIP a high quality purse and some "notice me" shoes will rescue almost any outfit. They are worth the investment.

Remember, rescue, elevate and upgrade! Before you go on your next shopping trip, shop your closet. Identify your high quality items that make you look amazing. Make a list of accessories that could upgrade these pieces into the elevated status they deserve!

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