Rainy Day Chic


We have all been there. It's a beautiful spring day and you are wearing your new spring dress. Then out of the blue it starts to rain. Then it starts to pour and you are a cold, soggy mess.

"Into each life some rain must fall." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You KNOW you will eventually get stuck in the rain so you might as well be prepared. It's not just a matter of bringing your umbrella. Follow these tips to feel comfortable AND chic in the spring rain.

Think layers when it is rainy. This way you can easily adjust your outfit according to the temperature. You will want your layers to be thin so you don't feel like a marshmallow when you put your coat on. A thin shirt and a cardigan work well. Even if it is a warm rainy day, the second you step in an especially cold air-conditioned building you will be thanking me that you brought a cardigan. If it is a cold rainy day you just add a warm cozy scarf.

Rainy Day Chic

You don't want to wear jeans on a rainy day because if you get wet they will take all day to dry. Instead, choose a pair of pants in your favorite dark neutral color. Dark pants will hide any puddle splashes. Leggings are another great choice. They look great tucked into your rain boots too.

Find a chic raincoat in one of your favorite neutrals. A khaki or charcoal trench coat is always versatile. It is always nice to have a lightweight raincoat for the almost warm rain in the spring. Make sure your raincoat has a hood or that you have a cute hat with you. A cute slouchy beanie or beret will keep your head warm, dry and chic.

You also need to think about your shape when purchasing a new raincoat or you might end up looking like a rain soaked tent! I suggest finding one that has a belt so that you can define your waist.

If you want to splurge, you can get another raincoat in your favorite color. Wearing a beautiful red trench coat may brighten my day but it might not match with my whole wardrobe, so buy your neutral raincoat first.

I love a rainy day!

You have several smart footwear choices when dressing for rainy weather.

  • You could wear your cute rain boots on your way to work and then change into your work appropriate dress shoes for the indoors. The nice thing about rain boots is that you can tuck your pants into them and keep your pants dry.
  • You could wear a pair of water-proof flats or loafers. They keep your feet dry and look nice enough to wear inside.
  • Finally, you could wear a stylish pair of leather knee high boots or ankle boots. Just make sure that they have been waterproofed.
Rainy Day Shoes

I live in a very rainy area but for the most part we don't use umbrellas. They can be more hassle than they are worth if it is windy. I would rather bundle up in a good coat with a hood. But if you can't live without your umbrella look for something small, inexpensive and fun! Think of it as a cute accessory that you will eventually lose.

Boost your mood by wearing your most colorful accessories. A pair of brightly colored rain boots or a beautiful scarf can add a little bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy day.

So the next time you see the rain clouds roll in, just make a few tweaks to your outfit and go splash in the puddles. You know you want to!

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