Jeans and a Black Jacket

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Learn the Jeans and Jacket Formula and then add a little bit of your own unique style for an easy, chic, go anywhere look.

1. Start with a t-shirt and jeans.

2. Layer a black jacket that fits your personal style.

3. Add a cute pair of ballet flats. 

4. Accessorize to make it chic.


The Jeans & Jacket Formula


Here's the Unique Chic Accessory Pack Formula that will super charge your outfit:

1 "show stopper" accessory + 2 other complementary accessories
= a perfect Accessory Pack!

For example, start with a bold scarf in a pattern that you adore. Then add a pair of simple earrings and maybe a ring to complete your Accessory Pack.

TIP: Have a few Accessory Packs ready to dress up any outfit.


The Unique Chic Accessory Forumla


Customize Your Formulas
The best thing about these two formulas is how easy it is to change your look. You have so many choices...

In a business setting? Wear a blazer or a trench coat.

Going on a date? Wear a biker jacket or cardigan sweater.

In a girly mood? Wear a light pink scarf and pearls.

In an edgier mood? Wear a bold statement necklace and a funky ring.

So remember, a black jacket, t-shirt, jeans, black flats plus a few accessories = your own unique chic style!

Jeans and a Black Jacket

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