How to wear a GRAPHIC t-shirt and still look chic and put together.

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Quick trip to the grocery store? Still in your t-shirt and jeans? What if you are not just wearing a plain old t-shirt, but your favorite Super Hero t-shirt. Don't hide it! This is a perfect opportunity to show off a little of you personal unique chic style!

How to look great in favorite graphic t-shirt

  • Add a chic jacket to add instant polish to your outfit.
  • Put away the sneakers and flip flops! Upgrade to some cute flats, sandals, heels or boots.
  • Wear your best accessories! Add some earrings, a ring, or a bracelet that compliments the main color of the t-shirt.

Here are 5 easy outfit options...

1. A jeans jacket, black or tan casual pants and your favorite flats
2. A jeans jacket, a black maxi skirt, a wide black belt and black flats (tip: tuck the t- shirt with into the skirt)
3. A cute black blazer, jeans and black flats
4. A grey cardigan, and silver flats
5. A leather jacket and a pair of colored jeans

Casual Chic

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