Casual to Chic in Less Than 15 Minutes


Imagine this scenario... It's Saturday afternoon, and you have been cleaning the house all morning. Where has the time gone?! It's 11:45 pm and you have a lunch date with a friend in 15 minutes!! As you are walking out the door, you realize that you are still wearing your favorite t-shirt and some jeans. You don't have time to put a whole new outfit together. You are gonna have to somehow rescue THIS outfit! Don't panic. I got you covered, here is what you do...

How to quickly dress up a t-shirt and jeans

1. Touch-up your hair and makeup. 
2. Throw on a cute a scarf or necklace.
3. Finish it off with a chic jacket and a pair of black flats.

Quick Tips & Tricks

Give yourself a mini-makeover! Start with a quick swipe of mineral power foundation and then finish with some mascara, blush and lipstick. With a little practice, you will able to do this ultra quick makeover in just a few minutes.

Use you hair as an accessory. Pull it up into a cute little top knot bun or ponytail. If you are having a bad hair day, you can always throw on a cute black hat.

Wear your best accessories! Adding a gorgeous purse and super cute flats is an easy way to elevate jeans and a t-shirt.

Add some earrings, a ring, or a bracelet that compliments the color of the t-shirt. You can also add a statement scarf or necklace, if the t-shirt is a solid color.

Be Casual Unique Chic!

Your jacket, whether it is a jeans jacket or a blazer, needs to be tailored and structured. You are using this piece to add a little class to the outfit. Save that loose fitting jacket for another outfit.

So, when you are having a fashion emergency, DON'T PANIC! Just remember these 4 simple pointers...

Layer! Add a chic jacket to add instant polish to any outfit.
Upgrade! Put away the sneakers and flip flops! Upgrade to some cute flats, sandals, heels or boots.
Accessorize! Dress up your outfit up with a few well chosen accessories.
Touch-up! A cute hat and a little lipstick go a long way! 

Does this happen to you all the time? Then you need to have an Emergency Fashion Kit that is ready for you at a moments notice.

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