How to wear a GRAPHIC t-shirt and still look chic and put together.

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Quick trip to the grocery store? Still in your t-shirt and jeans? What if you are not just wearing a plain old t-shirt, but your favorite Super Hero t-shirt. Don't hide it! This is a perfect opportunity to show off a little of you personal unique chic style!

How to look great in favorite graphic t-shirt

  • Add a chic jacket to add instant polish to your outfit.
  • Put away the sneakers and flip flops! Upgrade to some cute flats, sandals, heels or boots.
  • Wear your best accessories! Add some earrings, a ring, or a bracelet that compliments the main color of the t-shirt.

Here are 5 easy outfit options...

1. A jeans jacket, black or tan casual pants and your favorite flats
2. A jeans jacket, a black maxi skirt, a wide black belt and black flats (tip: tuck the t- shirt with into the skirt)
3. A cute black blazer, jeans and black flats
4. A grey cardigan, and silver flats

The Do's & Don'ts for Looking Chic In T-shirts & Jeans


If you want to look chic in your favorite t-shirt and jeans then you don't want to forget to add a few accessories to your outfit. Add some earrings, a ring, a bracelet or a purse that compliments the color of the t-shirt.

If you are going to wear ripped or distressed jeans then you do need to make sure that the rest of your outfit is top notch. You want to make sure that they can tell that you choose to wear those ripped jeans - not that they were the only pants you have.

Don't forget to add a focal point. Give us something to look at! Add a cardigan in your favorite color or maybe a gorgeous scarf. Your t-shirt and jeans are just the starting point. Make sure you have a least one item that steals the spotlight.

Rescue, Elevate & Upgrade Your Outfit!

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Have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Rescue a simple outfit that is already in your closet by elevating and upgrading it! Here's how...

Elevate Your Outfit

1. Start with a simple outfit:

  • A neutral shirt and
  • A pair of black pants

TIP: Your shirt and pants need to fit correctly. A good fitting outfit can make even a low-priced items look polished and spendy.

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