Rainy Day Chic


We have all been there. It's a beautiful spring day and you are wearing your new spring dress. Then out of the blue it starts to rain. Then it starts to pour and you are a cold, soggy mess.

"Into each life some rain must fall." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You KNOW you will eventually get stuck in the rain so you might as well be prepared. It's not just a matter of bringing your umbrella. Follow these tips to feel comfortable AND chic in the spring rain.

Trends We LOVE: The Belted Cardigan


One way to rock the Cozy Unique Chic look is to wear a belted cardigan. They are a big trend this season and they are as comfortable as your favorite old hoodie. But I must say the biggest benefit is that a belted cardigan defines your waist!

Nervous that this will draw attention to your full tummy?

Be Cozy Unique Chic


Feeling casual, comfortable and fashionable is the holy grail for most women. It is the unattainable goal that we can never quite master. We may know how to dress appropriately for work, church or even yoga, but the real tricky scenario is looking chic while grocery shopping. You know those last minute errands where think you'll never see anyone you know, and before you know you are face to face with your boyfriend's ex!

Dressing 'Cozy Unique Chic ' is that grey area between workout wear and date night clothes. Follow these tips to strike the right balance.

1. Pay attention to your proportions. Wearing a baggy top with baggy pants WILL make you look frumpy.

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